Connecting Muslims In Nigeria For Potential Marriages

How it Works


This platform is a subsidiary of Arewa-Up.
-Registering here automatically registers you on Arewa-Up and vice versa
-If you already have an Arewa-Up account you can log in with it
-If you know you are a player or here to find women/men for fun. You are at the wrong place and it's against our rules. We'll monitor your account and block you

1. Obtaining your Membership

You have to be Muslim.

  • Current membership fee is
      N3000 for Females
      N4500 for Males


    • Comes with unlimited requests added features
      N5000 for Females
      N7000 for Males
  • The membership is valid for 4-months, please if you know you are not ready for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage please don't join until you are fully ready.

    After obtaining your membership, your account will be pending for approval by our team. Approval is usually done within 24 hours

    Click here to view how to pay

    2. Upload your KYC information

    Visit your account and upload your Identity information (A valid ID card & other required information).
    View Sample Profile

    3. Create a Dating Profile

    Visit your profile and fill in your profile information
    View Sample Profile

    4. Find Match

    - You can find a Match by clicking the 'Find Match" button on the menu bar

    - Only the opposit gender would be available to you

    Note that getting a match is not always immediate, some are lucky to get a match early and others have to stay for a while.
    The average time to find a suitable spouse is 2-months

    5. Send Request

    Send Request to the match you are interested in by visiting his/her profile

    By default there is a request limit but you can pay to increase it if you wish

    6. Message Match

    After your match has accepted your request you can chat and ask any relavant questions

    if you wish to take it further then exchange personal contact

    7. Lastly

    Once you have found, agreed to a suitor and you are willing to take matters further to marriage, please disable your account. Because:

    - To avoid people sending you request while you are already with someone

    - Your profile shouldn't appear to others once you are taken

    Thank You